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Our Toxic Environment

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Now we’re going to get a little dirty this afternoon folks. We’re going to talk about the toxicity that surrounds us. Our genes were never designed to bear the chemical burden that we have today. If it were just one or two or even 20 exposures daily, your body would have an easier time shaking the toxicity off. But we’re talking hundreds of daily exposures, maybe even thousands, that your body was never designed to withstand.

Think of it:  more than 120 million industrial chemicals are registered and many of them end up in our air. With every breath you take your effectively bathing your body in a toxic soup. Now I know this sounds really scary and it is, AND we can help!  With the tools we trust, the education we continually update, and the wisdom of being in practice for 22 years here in Austin, we can and will help. TigerLily Wellness and Acupuncture in Austin has your answers to a better, healthier, vital and non-toxic life.

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