I came to Doug with severe Anxiety and Panic attacks of an acute nature. After the first session, I was relaxed enough the next day to not have panic attacks, just moderate anxiety. After the 5th session, my anxiety and panic were totally 100% gone. Doug uses a combination of herbs, acupuncture, and diet/lifestyle changes. It really works. Every time I leave Doug I feel relaxed… He also has a great bedside manner and generally a very positive person. I highly recommend this service for what ails you!

I feel healthier, stronger, more patient, and have more energy than ever before. Doug is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and relaxed… I highly recommend this practice for migraine relief.

My daughter has epilepsy and needs to take anti-seizure medication to control her seizures. This medication comes with very undesirable side-effects like hair loss, lack of focus, anxiety, etc. Douglas put her on a treatment of herbs and electro-acupuncture, and her hair loss stopped almost immediately, and she has longer periods of being able to remain focused. We can’t say enough about the expertise Douglas has shown in helping our daughter.

Doug gave me my life back! I have suffered from migraines for years and I had tried every treatment and medication that I could possibly try and NOTHING had worked for me. That was until someone told me about Doug and acupuncture. I tried it out more than a year ago, and I began to feel relief. t had worked so great that I weaned myself off of every medication I was on and was headache free for once. Not only am I a strong believer in acupuncture, but I am a strong believer in Doug. He cares so much about his patients and their well being.

Going to visit TigerLily for my shoulder/neck pain was probably the best decision I have ever made, as far as treatment is concerned. I was in pain for over a year, seeing different shoulder specialists, pain doctors, and orthopedists… and getting prescriptions for meds that do not work. I went to go see Doug at Tigerlily and all I can say is that after the very first treatment, 90% of my pain was gone! Doug was, not only very professional but the friendliest person ever

I am so grateful for meeting Doug and being introduced into the world of Eastern medicine and acupuncture through his eyes. I have suffered from chronic headaches and severe PMS for more years than I can count and was open to an alternative to over the counter and prescription medications. Doug sat and listened to all of my symptoms and designed a plan specifically for me. It worked and continues to work!

I have been a patient of Tigerlily – acupuncture, nutrition guidance and supplements – for over five years. In that time, I have found relief from chronic conditions that plagued me most of my life, specifically allergies, back pain and anxiety. Vanessa recently helped me with infertility and I am now 4 months pregnant. I love that it’s a small, local, family-owned business that really cares about its patients. While I don’t have a ton of money, I’ve prioritized this investment in my health and it has been well worth it.


Unquestionably not only one of the best holistic and therapeutic acupuncture clinics in Texas but also a place where Doug and Vanessa’s insight is a source of trust and wisdom.  They have developed a clinic which both my wife (a licensed family nurse practitioner) and I routinely visit — and we suggest you consider TigerLily Acupuncture for improving your health and wellness.

Brad M.

I have only seen Vanessa so my experience is only with her…she is AMAZING!!  She is extremely knowledgable, very friendly, and completely genuine.  I am so glad that I took the referral from a close friend that raves about her.  

Cassie M.

I’ve been going to see TigerLily for several years now. Family owned and operated. I can’t see ever going anywhere else, they’re like family. If you’re seeking to improve your overall health and well-being, go see Douglas and Vanessa. They will change your life for the better!

C A.

Vanessa and Doug are wonderful practitioners. I love my weekly visits to TigerLily Wellness. They both have a great breadth of knowledge about the body systems, energy flow and natural supports for the things which come up in everyday health matters. I have been impressed with their acupuncture skills, as well as their recommendations of various supplements which can support my health.

Beth M.

I have seen Doug many times too and he is very gently and they both are sooo very very passionate about what they do and treat me not just as another patient on the schedule but as a true friend that they care about. I now go in regularly for maintenance and if I do something odd- like throw my back out gardening- I call ASAP and they always take care of me. Thank you for being two wonderful people in the world and devoting your time and energy to healing others!

Briannon O.

If you’re serious about taking control of your own health and well-being and want to see a practitioner/healer who is as equally serious- Doug is the BEST option I’ve found yet. Additionally, in regards to his occasional double-booking- I’ve appreciated that about him. It’s not to make additional money, it’s to accommodate the busy schedules we as patients bring to him. I’ve never felt it effect the quality of my time there. Doug sent me home with herbs for FREE today to help me feel better. That’s not someone who’s seeking money out of his patients- that’s someone seeking fulfillment of their life passion through guiding your total body health. I hope this message encourages more people to try TigerLily. It’s changed my life.

Brianna N.

Contrary to the previous poster, I have had a fantastic experience with Doug. After experiencing chronic shoulder and arm pain for close to a year and trying various traditional therapies, at friends and family’s urging I decided to try accupuncture (for the first time).  Doug was recommended, and in just over a month’s treatment I am happy to be pain-free and feeling better overall than I have in a long time.  I have found Doug to be consistently professional, compassionate and responsive.

Andrew F.

I went to TigerLily to try something new, as what I had been doing was not working. I was intrigued by how nutrition, supplements, and acupuncture all work together. I was very stressed, bloated, low energy, not able to work on my vision or goals (very important to me) and overall happiness was low when I first walked in. After just a few short weeks, I now find myself more relaxed, energetic, with new goals and dreams and 8 lbs down (def a bonus!). Doug has been kind, extremely knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, and personable. I find the location easy to get to and his staff is just lovely. I highly recommend you trying them!

Kelly J.

If you are tired of your doctor simply giving you a new pill each time you describe a symptom, I would give Doug a try.  I put “real” in quotes because in three visits with Doug he has done more to make me feel better mentally and physically then my “real” doctor has managed in over 8 years.  I think it’s important to find a balance that suits you, but acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been around a lot longer than modern medicine, so don’t knock it until you try it.  I was skeptical at first, but no longer.

Christopher S.

Vanessa has been kind, patient and the two times I have been keeps a steady and nice composure through the entire experience. I used a Groupon to find the and have decided to continue with their services as its been a nice experience. Dr Vanessa never looks at the clock or rushes me out of the room which is refreshing and listens to your wishes and needs. She is extremely busy jumping from room to room but you don’t feel it.

Devin H.

I found this place on Groupon and feel so lucky I did. I wanted to try acupuncture for my PMDD symptoms and didn’t want to try the clinic. This place is great it smells amazing and it’s very clean. Douglas knows his craft well and is still very enthusiastic about his passion for helping people.

Crystal S.

I went to Tigerlily to stop using nicotine gum that I had been using for 13 years.  I was given a treatment plan and some supplements to help curve the addiction and withdrawal.  The acupuncture really helped calm my nerves and let me stay in a relaxed state so I could stay off the nicotine gum.
Thank you Doug and Vanessa for all you do to help us lead a more balanced and healthy life.


I enjoyed my appt with Vanessa. She had great insight and was super easy to talk to. That was my first acupuncture ever and I haven’t known anyone that ever had it! So other than what I googled, I had limited knowledge of the procedure, but It was extremely relaxing! Amazingly I felt like I had a full body massage afterward and I even fell asleep! I used a Groupon which was a great way to get introduced to this type of service!

Jenn B.

This review is long overdue. I wish I could give 500 stars! Vanessa helped me heal when doctors said it was impossible. She’s incredibly gifted, wonderfully caring and brilliant as an acupuncturist and beyond. I trust her completely. One visit will change your life. Seeing her and Carmen or Crystal always makes my day. Then i leave feeling better about life and in my body. So much gratitude!

Kathleen P.

TigerLily is the first place I have ever received acupuncture at, and they have me hooked! To be honest, I was a bit skeptical going into it. After just the first session, I couldn’t believe how much better I was sleeping and how those little aches and pains that were bothering me completely disappeared. Vanessa is extremely knowledgeable and kind.

Lexi B.

I started coming to Tiger Lily Wellness two and a half years ago. I suffered extreme pain in my jaw from TMJ. I felt immediate relief and within 3 months the clenching and grinding my teeth at night was completely gone. I continue to go periodically and Vanessa is amazing. I always feel

Lonnie S.

Vanessa is fantastic! She totally gets you. I go every month before my lady time & her skills reduce cramping & shortens my typically flow wk by 1-2 days. Worth it!  She’s also great for allergies, muscle pain, etc.

Laura W.

I’m a believer! I only went to Tigerlily because my wife bought me two sessions and made me go. I explained to Vanessa that I did not believe that acupuncture does anything and that I was only there because I was forced to go. I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders due to stress. I came out of there completely relaxed and floating on cloud 9. I now go regularly and tell everyone I know about how acupuncture has helped me. Vanessa is awesome!

Jimmy E.

This was my first acupuncture appointment and I was a little nervous. I don’t have a needle phobia but it was not something I ever intended to try. That was until I started have some health issues with my body and wanted to try everything I could besides lots of medication to treat it.  Immediately from the the moment I walked it I felt reassured that this is something worth trying. The staff was delightful and thorough. Vanessa was my acupuncturist and I felt really comfortable and relaxed with her. She asked a lot of questions about my health and what I’ve been going through. She recommended herbal treatments for me which I loved and the experience was so calming and made me feel rejuvenated. I look forward to going back!

Lauren Y.

This is a very special place. Not only are there two master acupuncturists that own and operate TigerLily , they also specialize in custom clinical nutrition in a very unique and effective way. They find ways through natural nutrition and supplementation to help their clients reduce disease states and get off conventional medication. Yeah, they are pretty awesome. As a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist I recommend TigerLily 100%. It is really awesome to see this husband and wife team changing peoples lives for the better every day. They help with everything from skin issues, to liver disease. Try them out. You will be happy you did!

JunkLuggers A.

I went to Tigerlily to stop using nicotine gum that I had been using for 13 years.  I was given a treatment plan and some supplements to help curve the addiction and withdrawal.  The acupuncture really helped calm my nerves and let me stay in a relaxed state so I could stay off the nicotine gum.
Thank you Doug and Vanessa for all you do to help us lead a more balanced and healthy life.

Jerald S.

This is a place of balance and healing that I recommend to most! This place is owned by a beautiful husband-wife duo that hold really good energy and have unique, no-nonsense approaches to health that can be easily applied to real life!  I’ve been utilizing their services for about two years, then took a small break due to an income change, but when that’s all settled, I will be back!

Karla W.

I went to Tigerlily to stop using nicotine gum that I had been using for 13 years.  I was given a treatment plan and some supplements to help curve the addiction and withdrawal.  The acupuncture really helped calm my nerves and let me stay in a relaxed state so I could stay off the nicotine gum.
Thank you Doug and Vanessa for all you do to help us lead a more balanced and healthy life.

Laura W.

A Miracle…A Blessing…Amazing results! We had a baby! After trying several alternatives, methods, ideas, testing, and fertility treatments, my wife and I were at the end of options to conceive. She began looking up information on how we could bring a lucky baby boy or girl into our life through adoption. Not good! Doug introduced fertility treatment as one of his many approaches in his practice I would have normally been skeptical about using acupuncture for conception BUT at this point we said, “What the heck!” 5 WEEKS WORKING WITH DOUG AND WE WERE PREGNANT! Doug’s passion and confidence was amazing and that gave us the confidence we needed! His knowledge proved true and we now have 2 healthy children, 1 boy and 1 girl. I AM ABSOLUTELY A BELIEVER IN DOUG AND HIS PRACTICE! We would recommend TigerLily Wellness and Acupuncture to everyone! A Miracle…A Blessing…Amazing results!

John S.

I was referred to TigerLily by our Primary Care Physician when they were unable to figure out why my teenage daughter was suffering from extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and brain fog. After just a couple of appointments and some specific herbal supplements my daughters improvement was remarkable!! I highly recommend Vanessa Rutkowski! She is attentive, knowledgable and very professional. Our first visit was well over a year ago. Now, our entire family has been in and we are experiencing a greater sense of well being and health.

Julie V.

Doug is really good at explaining things…and showing you how the treatment is working.  Before putting in a needle he had me move my head (ouch)…he put the needle in and asked me to move again…no pain.  Got to see the impact of acupuncture in action.

Pablo C.

I used a Groupon for my first visit with Doug, and I am so glad I found him!  My main reasons for seeking treatment were allergies and skin issues.  He has really helped to keep my symptoms under control.  To my surprise, my neck pain has also been significantly reduced through his relaxing sessions.  He genuinely cares about what he does and about the people that come into his office.  They carry a great line of supplements in the office, and always have what I need in stock.  His staff is friendly and very helpful, and I always feel right at home when I go for a visit.  I have sent friends and family members to see him, and they have all been very satisfied and impressed with the office.  I truly appreciate Doug and his staff!

Meg H.

I have been a patient at TigerLily for over 4 years now and feel truly blessed to have found Vanessa and Doug.  My search for answers with my health mainly chronic migraines due to neck and back injuries led me here.  I do not love needles and get extreme anxiety over them.  The entire staff makes you feel so comfortable and understood.  They truly do listen to their patients.  The supplements are a game changer also!  I have been able to wean off all my RX meds!  I am now pain-free and living the most productive, happiest and healthiest life ever.  I am forever grateful to TigerLily!!!  I love their wholeness approach to healing and health maintenance!  Self-care is extremely important so schedule your appointment today.  Post a review and let us know what you thought!

Michelle D.

I have seen Vanessa every month for several years she has helped me with a number of medical issues – some chronic and some acute. Recently she helped me with a dire, mutant ear infection. I ran into see her as quickly as I could and she recommended some supplements. They took the pain and fluid down almost immediately. I’m so relieved I didn’t have to take antibiotics. I also see her for acupuncture for back and neck pain, and my regular visits help me stay limber and strong. I highly recommend her.

Maria P.

Douglas is always on point! The space is incredibly soothing, and I always leave feeling relaxed and renewed. They carry Standard Process supplements, which are a perfect compliment to the treatment provided. I am so grateful to have found TigerLily Wellness!

Margaret H.

This was my first time getting acupuncture and I got the deal from Groupon. I am glad I decided to do it. It’s really worth it! Definitely plan on coming back. Vanessa was awesome!

Nicole S.

Although I am not completely cured, I am 90% better than I was before meeting Doug at Tigerlilly.  Doug discharged me after the 4th session and told me to come back 2 weeks later for a followup.  He gave me some advice for some exercises to do to complete the healing process and some guidelines to follow to prevent re-occurrence of this injury.

Roland L.

They helped me when no one else could! Very friendly staff and Doug is super knowledgeable. I went to many different doctors looking for help but TigerLily really helped me manage my symptoms. Highly recommended.

Marian W.T.

The people at Tigerlily are extremely warm, genuine and friendly.  Acupuncture was relaxing and made me feel brighter afterwards, and the Nutrition Response Testing helped me improve my diet, leading to more energy and wellness.  I finally feel like my body can relax after many years of stress…I highly recommend working with them!

Red R.

TigerLily Acupuncture does more than just acupuncture!  I do not like needles, so I went to see Doug for herbal consultations.  I did their 21 day cleanse program.  The plan consists of supplements and a strict diet.  It rids the body of toxins and has the amazing side effect of… Weight Loss!  I was mainly interested in the cleanse for weight loss purposes, but I got so much more out of it.

Serena F.

I had a tightness in my thigh that was hindering being on the field. With a couple sessions at tiger lily I was feeling like new in a week and back to playing soccer. I would highly recommend coming here for any of your problems.

Sonny G.

I have been seeing Vanessa at TigerLily for several years. I have been treated for several things but the one that stands out the most is while out of town I got food poisoning which lasted several days, almost to the point I could not fly home, when I was finally home I immediately went to see Vanessa and after a treatment my nausea was completely gone, it was amazing.  Also, I didn’t want to take traditional medicine for hormones and hot flashes and am happy to say Vanessa has prescribed herbal supplements and has kept the dreaded hot flashes at bay.

Teresa P.

I had a wonderful experience! I received treatment for back pain, and leg cramping. I didn’t have any more issues until I got pregnant 2 years later. I wish I still lived in the Austin area! This is definitely a necessity for a fitness instructor, or restaurant manager, who spends a lot of time abusing their bodies!

Tabitha M.

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