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Magnesium to Hack the Brain

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The brain’s metabolism never stops, as it is a very resource-hungry organism that requires plenty of nutrients and in turn creates a lot of metabolic waste. Magnesium is needed for hundreds of enzymatic reactions and deficiencies have been connected to change in behavior. Boosting magnesium reserves has a calming effect on the brain, reducing anxiety-related behavior and builds stress resistance.

Magnesium is nature’s chill pill due to the modulating effect of the HPA axis, which is known as the body stress response system. Magnesium also strengthens the hippocampus to improve long-term memory. Being deficient in magnesium can result in abnormal stress response, which in turn can result in inflammation. Boosting natural magnesium reserves, especially when we are under a lot of physical and mental stress, will help protect your nervous system and increase your cognitive ability.

Give us a call at TigerLily Wellness and acupuncture and we can schedule an evaluation to find out exactly how your HPA axis is doing and if magnesium can help.

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