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With today’s alarming rise of chronic disease, we all know somebody in Austin who has an autoimmune disease like arthritis, obesity, diabetes, IBS, autism, Parkinson’s, fatigue and many many more. All of these debilitating diseases stem from an unhealthy microbiome. What is a gut microbiome you might ask?

Our gut micro biome is all of the organisms that live in our bodies.  The microbiome is our very own internal ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, fungi and viruses all working together to fight disease and keep us healthy. These bugs/ microbes aren’t just waste. They are dynamically interacting with your biology every minute of every day. They are controlling metabolism, gut permeability, brain chemistry,  hormones and nutrient levels, you do and don’t absorb in your diet. These are some of the most important parts in our life that are controlling our health and we cannot ignore them. Give us a call today at TigerLily wellness and acupuncture in Austin and let us help you get your microbiome as healthy as it can be.

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