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We see so many patients in Austin that report catching more colds and flu’s than their friends and family. After an extensive health exam and intake, we find that their diet is a large contributor to their problem. Most of the immune system resides in the gut. When you eat sugar, one of the downsides of the seductively sweet treat is immune suppression. Imagine a light switch that controls your ability to fight off virus’s like a cold or the flu. Now imagine turning it off, on purpose, for 4 hours. That’s what we do when we consume a cookie or piece of birthday cake at a party or work event. And , at that gathering, we are then exposed to a bug that someone brought as the unintentional gift for one or more of us to take home. It happens and virus’s spread. We miss work , we feel bad, and don’t know why this keeps happening. Turning this cycle around starts with making an appointment with us. We will help get your health back on track with a comprehensive look at what’s driving your weak immune system and put you on a path of better health for your future.

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