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Antacids, Not a Healthy Choice

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I hear it weekly from my incredible patients in Austin Texas, their stomach hurts, which leads them to take some kind of antacid. They feel better for a time but then they need it again. Antacids (also known as Proton pump inhibitors) are the fourth most common medication prescribed, and they really wreck your digestion system. Adequate hydrochloric acid is extremely important. It breaks down your food, kills food bourne pathogens and helps establish the proper environment in the small intestine.

The problem with antacid meds are that they lower your acid production too much, allowing bad bacteria in your gut to flourish, which causes dysbiosis. This can feel like worsening indigestion, bloating, gas and pain. You may not even feel dysbiosis, but it’s always there, affecting your gut and causing intestinal permeability. Even minor injuries to the gut can set up bigger health problems down the road.

If you feel the need for Tums or some other PPI, don’t do it. Instead call our office, schedule a thorough evaluation with Vanessa or Douglas and we will determine the most effective and safest solution to your tummy troubles.

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