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Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

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With a hot Austin summer right around the corner, many of my Austin acupuncture patients are talking to me about shedding those extra pesky pounds without sacrificing their health. We’ve all heard of the latest fad diet, weight shedding medications, and other dangerous weight loss programs, but what does it really mean to lose weight, and safely? The first thing I tell my Austin acupuncture patients is that the summer is a great time to start a Cleanse. Putting yourself on a Cleanse is a phenomenal way to safely lose weight while ridding the body of built-up toxins that come from pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, caffeine, and preservatives. My Austin Acupuncture and Wellness Center offers an amazing 21-Day Cleanse by Standard Process that purifies, nourishes, and maintains a healthy body and weight. My Austin acupuncture patients have lost anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds on the Cleanse alone, and an extra benefit of the Cleanse is that it can help you to break the bad eating habits that led to weight gain in the first place.

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