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A New Insight on Stomach Acid

by | Clean Eating, Digestive Health

Stomach acid is wonderful, necessary, and ACID in ph. Imagine that, Acid stomach acid. Well, for starters it is supposed to be acid in PH so that it can do its’ job which is breaking the food you eat down. It plays a major role in digestion and the immune system. Let’s say you go out to eat in our wonderful city of Austin. There is a chance you will get food poisoning, especially if your stomach acid is weak. Strong stomach acid kills most food-borne illness and keeps you healthy. Proteins are broken down and you get the nutritional benefit from the food. Weak stomach acid fails to break those proteins down and flatulence with smell is the result. We all can relate to that I’m sure and with no dog to blame it on this can be downright embarrassing! So many wonderful Austin patients come in with this and other digestive symptoms like Acid reflux. The standard care model is to give some kind of acid suppressing medicine. It usually works but at the expense of no longer being able to break down super important minerals like Calcium. The most common issue is too little Acid in the Stomach not too much. We support your stomach’s ability to make the right amount of Acid so you CAN digest your food. The food then quickly moves out into the Small Intestine. With too little stomach acid, the food stays in your stomach, putrefies and makes a big acid mess in there and you burp it up, which is reflux. Getting this balance right pays huge health dividends by keeping you off OTC medications that can cause other health problems down the road and helping you absorb the Calcium and other minerals you desperately need.. I hope this helps and if you want better digestive health please call the office and we get you the balance you deserve!! 

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