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What Inflammation does to the Body

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I came across this blurb recently online and it was too good not to share:

Imagine a brick building with brick walls.

If one brick in one of the walls crumbles, the wall will still hold.

If a few more bricks get destroyed, the wall will still stand. But when enough bricks crumble, the wall will fall. 

The same thing applies to the building. A building can lose a non-structural wall and stay standing. However, if enough structural walls fall, the building will come tumbling down.

In your body, the cells are the bricks. Your organs are the walls. Your body is the building.
Now imagine that each year a certain cell’s DNA becomes damaged. 

This then affects other cells and the walls will begin cracking. 

Eventually, the organs and the body systems will decline and in time stop functioning.

That is the point at which the building falls; in other words, the body ceases to function.

This is called Genomic Instability wherein your genes cannot replicate correctly. 

Chronic Inflammation is a major cause of this physiological dysfunction.

If you suffer from symptoms of chronic inflammation like constant joint, neck or back pain, then please please please for your own health, call the office today and we will help you with proven solutions to this and many other conditions as well!!

–Douglas Rutkowski Lac, Dipl OM, MSOM, ACN, ART Practitioner

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