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If You Aren’t Feeling Well, It Probably Stems from the Gut

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Your gut health is the foundation of your WHOLE health. Are you caring for your gut the way it’s trying to care for you?

Since 2002, we have been treating patients for a number of ailments. We have seen great improvements in our patients and would love to help you with what you’re dealing with as well. Our office is located in South Central Austin, Texas, and you don’t need to live here for us to treat you! We offer telemedicine and currently treat patients all over the world. Give us a call, we’d love to see you and get to the source of what you’re dealing with.

Douglas and Vanessa Rutkowski, LAc, Dipl OM, MSOM, ACN, ART Practitioners

Tigerlily Wellness & Acupuncture

2111 Dickson Drive, Ste. 26

Austin, TX 78704



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