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Have you ever awoken with a stiff neck and wondered why? Many of our patients in Austin complain of this and don’t have any idea why this happens. There are a few possibilities as to why this bothersome condition plagues so many. First is stress. Most of us share in having a stressful life and this can cause chronic neck and shoulder tension.

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Weather Changes and Your Health

As our weather changes from week to week, oftentimes we find our health changing for the worse. Whether it’s aches and pains or a tendency to catch a cold and flu easily, we can and do feel this unfortunate change take place. The western explanation typically includes a weak immune system resulting in catching a cold or other viral infection or perhaps symptoms that indicate arthritis related joint pain.

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Acupuncture seems to have so few online venues for professional advice that we at TigerLily Acupuncture have decided to provide a way for the public to ask your local acupuncture professionals questions. We will also share some acupuncture advice based on experiences here in our Austin acupuncture practice.

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