Very grateful and will be lifelong patients

Douglas has been treating my nine year-old daughter since 2007. My daughter has epilepsy and needs to take anti-seizure medication to control her seizures. This type of medication comes with very undesirable side-effects. There is loss of hair, feeling like she’s in a fog, cannot remain focused in school, anxiety, and creates ADHD symptoms. Douglas has her on a treatment of herbs and electro acupuncture. Her hair loss stopped almost immediately after being put on his prescribed regimen and now has her shiny beautiful thick hair back.

She has longer periods of being able to remain focused during school which helps tremendously with her learning. Her anxiety is mostly gone but during periods when she does experience it, we have herbs that we are able to give to her to calm her, and her ADHD symptoms are much less than they ever were. She also is my one child who is incredibly healthy. Fever is a seizure trigger for her so we try to make sure we keep her as healthy as possible but as we all know, that’s hard to do. I have to say she rarely gets sick anymore. These past two years she’s been sick at the very most, two or three times. When most of her class is out because of flu and stomach bugs, etc. she’s the one child that’s always there because she never gets sick. Even when her brothers are sick she stays healthy. We now give our two boys supplements to keep them healthy as well. Our family life has improved because of the ability to keep the focus and behavioral issues under control. We can’t say enough about the expertise Douglas has shown in helping our daughter.

We are very grateful to him and will be lifelong patients.

— P.C.