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I went to see Doug 5 years ago to try and see if acupuncture could help my chronic allergies. Having no experience with acupuncture, nor any real understanding of how it works, I was skeptical.

What I found out, through Doug’s treatment, guidance and patience, is that acupuncture, along with certain herbs and dietary changes can have a tremendously positive impact on my life. My allergy symptoms are vastly reduced and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.

Tigerlily helped me to understand my health from a holistic perspective. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, I highly recommend giving Doug and Vanessa a call.

— Matt Fangman

Thank you Vanessa!!

I came to see Vanessa suffering from stress induced migraines and not to mention a general lack of happiness. After my treatment, I felt a calm I hadn’t felt in years, well, since the last day of my last vacation 2 years ago. (Wow, Hawaii right here in Austin, Aloha ya’ll. I mean, I felt great and since I have been coming in for treatments, I have had no headaches. Vanessa gave me a very informative first appointment letting me know what to expect. In other words, I would not be fixed with one treatment. I can say that after one treatment I felt so good that I looked forward to my next appointment. I’ve been coming now for 3 months.I am migraine free, my stress is SO MUCH LESS, and I am happily enjoying my work, my life, and my family. Again, thank you Vanessa. You are a very close and affordable vacation in my Austin Texas.

— P.R.

I began to see Vanessa Prior to my wedding for stress relief and to avoid illness so close to such a crucial day. Her touch and intuitive spirit guided me beyond the immediate concerns and addressed the emotions that influenced my illnesses. Since then she has aided me with achy knees, numb feet, sleepless nights, and sinus infections. She has become far more than a healer to me, but a friend on my path to health.

— L.B.

I have been seeing Dr. Vanessa now for some time. I would like to tell the world how much she has helped me. I have great respect for her and her work.

I was born with a club foot. There is 3 inches difference in the length of my legs. This causes many problems. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and degenerative arthritis. I also have sinus/allergy issues.

I had to give up working almost two years ago. The pain was more than I could deal with. Having to be on pain medicine daily did not make it easy to work at all. I was having trouble taking care of myself. Daily chores of washing and cooking for myself were truly a chore.

With Dr. Vanessa’s help I am able to do things I thought were lost to me. I have a small garden. I was able to walk my daughter sown the aisle at her wedding.I also have a new puppy that is a handful, but we play daily. I am so grateful to Dr. Vanessa for the life she has given me back. My family and friends often tell me to make sure I do not miss my trip to see Dr. Vanessa.

— C.L.

First of all let me say that, without a doubt, I’m terrified of needles and I have complained loudly any time I’ve taken a flu shot or had blood drawn at the doctor’s office. However, when my neck and shoulders have ached for what seems like forever I decided to see Vanessa Rutkowski and have acupuncture to reliev emy pain. I was amazed at how little the needles bothered me and was surprised to feel the immediate relief as if a weight had literally been lifted from my shoulders. I have received acupuncture for my feet as well with the same results.I would highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone and I will continue to benefit from these treatments, especially knowing there are no expensive prescriptions involved!

— a pain-free fan of acupuncture, Carl R. Bills