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I came to Doug with severe Anxiety and Panic attacks of an acute nature. After the first session, I was relaxed enough the next day to not have panic attacks, just moderate anxiety. After the 5th session, my anxiety and panic were totally 100% gone. Doug uses a combination of herbs, acupuncture, and diet/lifestyle changes. It really works. There are no fast fixes in life, but this was pretty fast (a few weeks) compared to western medicine prescribing benzodiazepines or SSRI drugs which will become lifelong addictions. I refused to take these from my doctor, and so my search for alternative treatments started. What better alternative than traditional Chinese medicine, parts of which are thousands of years old. I was definitely skittish about taking the herbs, but then realized that we eat herbs all the time, and some western drugs are actually derived from herbs. Every time I leave Doug I feel relaxed. He is treating me for dizziness related to allergies, and my ears now. Doug also has a great bedside manner and generally a very positive person. I highly recommend this service for what ails you!

— John

For the past 5 years I have been on antidepressants as an attempt to keep my sanity and to stay somewhat functional after loosing my mother, ending an abusive relationship, supporting my sister through pancreatic cancer and then my brother through open heart surgery. In addition, to make matters worse, I had bunion surgery that left me in constant pain and unable to run. Being determined to heal, I sought the professional support of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists,physical therapists, mental therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, healers,holistic health professionals, herbalists and medical doctors. Unfortunately,each attempt ended with little to no results. Feelings of hopelessness were taking over my world fast!

I decided to take one more chance and give Doug a try. Today, I’m ecstatic to report that I am off anti-depressants (a miracle in itself) and have hope, once again, that I may use my foot as I did in the past. Doug’s consistent demonstration of exceptional care and his passion for healing is evident in his practice. He goes above and beyond the norm as he sets an intention that leaves no room for failure. It’s as if he is committed to my healing as much as I am!

As I often say, the end result of any effort always speaks for itself. So don’t take my word for it, just make an appointment and see for yourself.

Thanks Doug for being such a wonderful blessing!

— Marcie

I went to see Doug 5 years ago to try and see if acupuncture could help my chronic allergies. Having no experience with acupuncture, nor any real understanding of how it works, I was skeptical.

What I found out, through Doug’s treatment, guidance and patience, is that acupuncture, along with certain herbs and dietary changes can have a tremendously positive impact on my life. My allergy symptoms are vastly reduced and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.

Tigerlily helped me to understand my health from a holistic perspective. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, I highly recommend giving Doug and Vanessa a call.

— Matt Fangman

To future clients of Tigerlily Acupuncture, this is my story:

I am a 25 year old female that has been through 4 Laparoscopic surgeries for Endometriosis and a variety of cysts in the past 4 years. (Yeah, I know, that)averaging one surgery every year. It was not fun, and it was slowly pushing me into depression. I was in a constant cycle of being in pain, fearing the surgery,healing, and then being back in pain.) I remember being so frustrated and no one was able to give me any options outside of having to do these surgeries on an annual basis, even experimental drugs weren’t giving me any relief from the constant pain and fatigue.

When I was finally at my wit’s end and got tired of hearing people tell me there was nothing left to do, I had a friend of mine give me Doug Rutkowski’s card and told me to give it a try. Well, of course I went into all of the excuses of being too busy, I was going to be moving, I had just gotten a new job. Where was I supposed to fit in something new? So, a few weeks passed and it was now around 6 months after my last surgery, and the pain from the endometriosis was getting unbearable. The doctors kept telling me that they had never seen someone so young with such an aggressive case. (Yep, I’m special, what can I say.) They asked for me to try and hold out for as long as I could and they gave me pain medicine to try and keep me functional, and told me that when it got too bad that we would schedule another surgery.

Well, now I was angry and frustrated with my doctors enough to give Tigerlily Acupuncture a call. I was greatly relieved when I found out that Doug would take appointments on Saturdays! I could actually make this fit into my schedule. Doug was so nice and sincere when discussing my past medical history, and he said he could help! He’s been treating me for the Endometriosis for a little over 3 months and I am completely pain free! This September will be one year since my last surgery and I am going to celebrate! It’s such a relief to be out of the constant pain, but even more of a relief because I’m able to move on with my life.

Not only is Doug good at what he does, but he really cares. If you’ve had a bad day, he’s always got a joke to make you smile. I am so thankful that I found my way to Tigerlily Acupuncture; they have given me a pain free present, and hope for a pain free future!

— Janna W.

I had been thinking about getting acupuncture for a while, but hesitated due to the thought of needles. I would always recommend when my friends were in any sort of pain that they go and get acupuncture, but I could never tell them why or what it was about. So I decided one day to go see Dr. Doug Rutkowski for aback pain and as soon as walked in the door there was a sense of peace, and I immediately felt at ease. Dr. Rutkowski was very professional and answered any questions or worries I had. Acupuncture was painless and almost immediately helped my back, and he also worked on stress that I was feeling from everyday life.I left there feeling completely relaxed and ready to go back for another appointment.Dr. Rutkowski was extremely professional and promptly followed up with me about my back. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced acupuncturist I highly recommend Tigerlily Acupuncture.

— J.B.

Tiger Lily was my first experience with acupuncture. I had resisted acupuncture because I was doubtful it would work and thought it might be painful. My experience with Doug Rutkowski, Tiger Lily’s owner, changed both misconceptions. Doug quickly alleviated my distress in several areas and did it painlessly.

What I find unique about Doug is that he uses his knowledge about a broad range of health issues to look at a client’s total well being. Doug’s compassionate care and individual attention to each of his clients distinguishes him in a world of “hurry up” medicine. Yet he is the one clinician that I know thatis on time for all his appointments

If you are looking for an acupuncturist who will relieve your pain and support you in your path toward wellness, Doug’s your man.

— Gary Diehl

Thank you for the treatment you provided to me! Words can not express the gratitude I feel. I am a very healthy person, however, once a year I get very sick in January- right after I have worked the holidays! This sickness usually requires me to stay in bed for at least a week. This year as soon as symptoms appeared, my wife called you for an appointment. After 2 treatments and a bottle of herbs I was back to my excellent health. Not only did you fix me right up but you also prevented me from becoming sick! Thank you!!!!

— Chef Jaime Arevalo, Circle C Cafe & Catering

Over the past few years, I have had the good fortune of receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments from Douglas Rutkowski. Having been to many practitioners in the past, I could tell immediately that I was in good hands with Douglas.His bedside manner is soulful and honest, his acupuncture technique is the most comfortable and effective I have ever had, and his herbal prescriptions are spot on. Douglas has helped me to overcome chronic pain that western medicine could not, allowing me to return to a physically active lifestyle and a better quality of life.

TCM is now my primary method of health care and principle line of defense in disease prevention. I feel lucky to have Douglas as my health care provider and recommend him often to my friends and family.

— Kevin Johnson

After enjoying a full day of extreme back country snowboarding and taking a couple of wipe outs I experienced some neck and shoulder pain and slight low back stiffness.Luckily, I was with Douglas and Vanessa and later that evening I received an acupuncture treatment from Douglas. It was my first time to get acupuncture and I was impressed that after only 45 minutes of beginning the treatment, my neck, shoulder, and back stiffness were gone. Thanks to Douglas I was able to continue snowboarding and having a great vacation.

— F.K.

Honestly, Tigerlily Acupuncture and Doug Rutkowski have saved my life on so many levels. Let me tell you how.

After my plight from New Orleans, compliments of Ms. Katrina, I arrived in Austin,quite the broken baby. After a severe fall last year, I spent many visits to traditional medical physicians, who took x-rays, prescribed mega amount of pharmaceuticals and sent me home. No one ever really listened or helped me recover.

Then I found Doug. Acupuncture, I thought, needles, chi? I’ll give it a try.I walked in and he said, “You are an answer to my prayers” as he had been anxiously waiting to provide his services to a Katrina evacuee in need of his expertise. Doug took it a step further and elicited his fellow healers; a gentle chiropractor and massage therapist, to assist in the healing process.

Doug’s mind, body and spirit approach quickly became a source of strength, supporta nd hope. He views my complex profile as a challenge and an opportunity to search,study and find the source and the solution that will help me.

Now I am a true believer in the power of acupuncture and in herbal medicine,especially, in the competent, healing hands of the person who administers it.This is what I have been blessed with, as I know that I am on the road to living a healthier, happier and less painful life while under the care of Tigerlily Acupuncture and Doug Rutkowski.

— M.N.