Real Health Care

Health is far more than just a lack of symptoms

True health is not about the absence of disease, it’s about the presence of vitality

Our goal for our Austin Wellness patients is to feel truly vibrant and alive and not just OK 

Did you know you can remove 80% of the liver and it will grow back in 2 months? 

Every 15 years you have a new heart 

Bones are only 2 years old 

Lungs and skin are only 2 to 4 weeks old

All the cells in your intestines were re-generated within the last three days 

Now that’s dependent on good sleep, good fuel and a low immune burden

 If you are a person in Austin that suffers from poor sleep and even worse digestion than please do this for yourself…… deserve it.

Call us and allow Vanessa and I to help put you on a new path to Real Health care