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My experience with acupuncture at Tigerlily Acupuncture was amazing. As an adult I am still afraid of needles. Doug Rutkowski was considerate of my fear and calmed my concerns. The needles are so thin and so fine you can barely feel them! The treatments had amazing results! I have had symptoms of PMS, as most women do, for many years. After only 3 treatments my symptoms were ALL resolved (no more terrible mood swings, cramps, headaches or food cravings!) My husband has even been amazed at the transformation! It’s amazing to feel “normal” all month long-every month! Thank you Tigerlily for giving me back quality of life-every day!

Thank you so much for all that you do! Living healthy is such a gift!

— J.R.

I have been receiving treatment from Doug for over two years now. I have experienced amazing health benefits as a result of regular treatment. Results including but limited to; relief from chronic neck and back pain, emotional and mental clarity, improved digestion and metabolism, relief from allergies and overall higher functioning of immune system. I leave each treatment feeling well cared for and in an improved state of body, mind and spirit.

— A.J.O.

My wife and I were involved in a rather scary an auto accident a couple of years ago. Our van was broadsided, shoved off the road and rolled over once, landing back on the wheels. Following x-rays and a few small bandages it was determined that we were very lucky but we were so sore we could hardly move and the worst was the pain and limited movement in our neck and shoulders. We went to Tiger Lilly for a treatment as soon as possible after the accident and though we are regular patients and familiar with the benefits were amazed at the level of mobility immediately regained and we both were able to return to work the next day.

— S.M.