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First of all let me say that, without a doubt, I’m terrified of needles and I have complained loudly any time I’ve taken a flu shot or had blood drawn at the doctor’s office. However, when my neck and shoulders have ached for what seems like forever I decided to see Vanessa Rutkowski and have acupuncture to reliev emy pain. I was amazed at how little the needles bothered me and was surprised to feel the immediate relief as if a weight had literally been lifted from my shoulders. I have received acupuncture for my feet as well with the same results.I would highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone and I will continue to benefit from these treatments, especially knowing there are no expensive prescriptions involved!

— a pain-free fan of acupuncture, Carl R. Bills

I have been suffering from neck and shoulder tension for years. Since I have seen Vanessa consistently for acupuncture, my pain is less, my general health is better and stress is much much less. The depth of my appreciation for this wonderful woman is difficult to accurately put into words. Vanessa effectively alleviated my nagging neck and shoulder pain and made my life better by relieving stress and helping me with my diet and outlook. I look better. I feel better.I am happier and my neck and shoulders feel pain free. Thank you so very much Vanessa.

— P.R.

Wow! I had no idea what to expect, but after 1 treatment I was hooked. I hadthe treatment done just to relax and help me to meditate a little better..andit worked. The whole experience it great. From the second you enter the TigerLily office, to the way Vanessa handles and soothes you. Thank you so much. Ialways look forward to my next treatment.

— Mike Livermore