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I have been seeing Dr. Vanessa now for some time. I would like to tell the world how much she has helped me. I have great respect for her and her work.

I was born with a club foot. There is 3 inches difference in the length of my legs. This causes many problems. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and degenerative arthritis. I also have sinus/allergy issues.

I had to give up working almost two years ago. The pain was more than I could deal with. Having to be on pain medicine daily did not make it easy to work at all. I was having trouble taking care of myself. Daily chores of washing and cooking for myself were truly a chore.

With Dr. Vanessa’s help I am able to do things I thought were lost to me. I have a small garden. I was able to walk my daughter sown the aisle at her wedding.I also have a new puppy that is a handful, but we play daily. I am so grateful to Dr. Vanessa for the life she has given me back. My family and friends often tell me to make sure I do not miss my trip to see Dr. Vanessa.

— C.L.

I started going to Tigerlily Acupuncture a few months ago when I heard how helpful acupuncture could be for treating back pain. After my first visit with Doug, I was hooked and convinced that I had made the right choice. I now go on a regular basis which has made a huge difference in not only helping with my back. I was also feeling tired and stressed and the treatments have really helped take the edge off and have made me feel more balanced overall. I was a little apprehensive at first but after a few months of going every week, I can now say that acupuncture really, truly works!

— K.M.

My experience with acupuncture at Tigerlily Acupuncture was amazing. As an adult I am still afraid of needles. Doug Rutkowski was considerate of my fear and calmed my concerns. The needles are so thin and so fine you can barely feel them! The treatments had amazing results! I have had symptoms of PMS, as most women do, for many years. After only 3 treatments my symptoms were ALL resolved (no more terrible mood swings, cramps, headaches or food cravings!) My husband has even been amazed at the transformation! It’s amazing to feel “normal” all month long-every month! Thank you Tigerlily for giving me back quality of life-every day!

Thank you so much for all that you do! Living healthy is such a gift!

— J.R.

I have been receiving treatment from Doug for over two years now. I have experienced amazing health benefits as a result of regular treatment. Results including but limited to; relief from chronic neck and back pain, emotional and mental clarity, improved digestion and metabolism, relief from allergies and overall higher functioning of immune system. I leave each treatment feeling well cared for and in an improved state of body, mind and spirit.

— A.J.O.

I was having horrible allergies after living in Austin for about 10 years. I tried various doctors and over the counter products with limited success. I met Doug and he told me to come in and try a few treatments. There was no way I was going to have acupuncture. The following allergy season was horrible for me. Doug encouraged me to try one session and see if it helped. I took him up on it. After two sessions and taking the herbs he recommended, my allergies were gone. I took the herbs the rest of the allergy season and felt relieve the entire time. Doug saved me from horrible allergies and from taking the many over the counter products that didn’t work.

— G.S.

My wife and I were involved in a rather scary an auto accident a couple of years ago. Our van was broadsided, shoved off the road and rolled over once, landing back on the wheels. Following x-rays and a few small bandages it was determined that we were very lucky but we were so sore we could hardly move and the worst was the pain and limited movement in our neck and shoulders. We went to Tiger Lilly for a treatment as soon as possible after the accident and though we are regular patients and familiar with the benefits were amazed at the level of mobility immediately regained and we both were able to return to work the next day.

— S.M.

My tipping point. Two and a half hours in a waiting room for a doctor to spend ten minutes with me and tell me that I needed to add more fiber in my diet for chronic abdominal pain due to IBS. This was aftersix years of the same doctor prescribing pharmaceuticals that made me lifeless and comatose to treat the pain and then telling me I was lucky that I responded to the drugs when I asked for alternatives.Frankly, I got tired – I got tired of living with the pain and I got tired of waiting for the pain to go away. Enter acupuncture.

I made the call on a Thursday and had an appointment for the next day.After talking to Doug about my treatment plan, I thought I had made the right decision and after my first treatment, I knew I had made the right decision. I felt immediate relief and had a long-term plan to treat the root of the pain, instead of masking it by treating the symptoms – something I had been asking my doctor to do for years.

I could not have asked for a more genuine and sincere caregiver in Doug. I initially received acupuncture to treat the abdominal pain but have since received treatments for other conditions – back, neck and shoulder pain, seasonal allergies, headaches, colds and even food poisoning. However, what I am most thankful for is the nutritional care. Doug helped me identify food allergies, which made me realize the food I was eating was making me sick. This is information that I will use for the rest of my life.

To say that I’ve been pleased with the results would be an understatement of the positive effects I’ve experienced. Regardless of how I feel when I walk into the office, I always leave calmer, more relaxed and knowing the rest of my day will be great. The abdominal pain that I had accepted as a permanent fixture in my life is no more but I continue to use traditional Chinese medicine with Doug as my caregiver.

— L.N.

For months, I searched diligently to find an acupuncturist in Austin who could provide me acupuncture treatments, but also nutritional and vitamin advice. I studied dozens of Austin websites and made a few visits to different acupuncture clinics. My search struck gold on my first appointment at Tiger Lily Acupuncture, and I consider Tiger Lily and Doug Rutkowski a veritable gold mine for my acupuncture and a natural food-based vitamin program!

INJURIES – I had two injuries for which I sought acupuncture treatment from Tiger Lily Acupuncture:

IT band syndrome
On my first visit to Tiger Lily, I was suffering from a Iliotibial band syndrome (inflammation of the iliotibial band tissue on the outside of my leg.) I had injured my IT band, which is the tissue from hip down to the outer part of my shin bone below the knee joint. The inflamed IT band was bad enough to make my walking and driving a painful challenge, as the IT band coordinates with the thigh muscles that give stability to the knee joint. The first acupuncture treatment I received from Doug reduced my leg and knee pain considerably, so that walking without pain was possible for the first time in five months, and after the third acupuncture treatment, all pain, inflammation, and tenderness to the IT band were gone!

Back pain
Over the years, I have suffered from mid-back pain bad enough that I often was at my wits end to find ways to relieve the sharp knotted pain. After we discussed this chronic back pain, my daily posture while at work, and my exercise routine, Doug gave me an acupuncture treatment to precisely target the pain area. He also suggested that I should adjust the height of my desk chair, as well as the level and angle of my computer laptop on the desk where I worked and wrote for hours each day. (I am a writer, so I spend hours sitting at the computer without taking a break, especially when engrossed in a burst of creativity.) After a couple of acupuncture treatments to the painful back area, all the pain dissolved, but to ensure that it does not return, I now regularly do the exercises that Doug suggested, and importantly, I implemented Doug’s ergonomic suggestions and changed my desk setup so that I have removed the strain on my back.

I consider that the food-based vitamin and mineral supplement regime that I am now on, at Doug Rutkowski’s suggestion, to be the best thing I’m doing for sustained and balanced health. During my appointments, we talk about a good organic diet, and Doug has given me several reading ‘assignments’ to learn about healthy eating. Plus, exercise; never forget that! The products that I purchase from Tiger Lily Acupuncture have done more for my general health than any of the over-the-counter products I have ever tried. Before taking Doug’s vitamin advice, I had always relied (like so many people do) on TV commercials/programs, and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles which promote the latest fad diets and a hodgepodge of vitamin choices, but I found that the much advertised pharmaceutical-backed products had disappointing results, if results at all. However, Tiger Lily’s food-based vitamin and supplement products which I now use receive my wholehearted endorsement, and the program that Doug has designed for me has given me energy, strength, alertness, and stress-free at levels I haven’t enjoyed in twenty years!

— S.G.

I started seeing Doug for acupuncture in January of 2009. I have TMJ and suffer from pain and discomfort in my jaw. I had never gotten acupuncture before, but I was willing to try anything to make my discomfort go away. Within a few treatments, my pain was gone and I was back to normal. I now go see Doug once a week to help with stress reduction and relaxation. I am thrilled to have been referred to Doug and recommend him to anyone I can. Thanks Doug!!

— A.B.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts you and your staff took to alleviate my condition(s). As you will remember, I had a severe case of a nerve disorder which made it almost impossible to walk, and caused continual discomfort even while resting. I tried convention medicines and therapies, all to no avail. Doctors told me that the only course of treatment was to take narcotics to alleviate the pain. They could not even suggest a way to correct the condition, or at least make it less interfering with daily activities. I called you as a last resort, and after a few treatments, and taking the Chinese herbal medicine you prescribed, my condition improved.I was skeptical at first, but you, your staff and your procedures have truly made a believer out of me.After a session with you, with the calming music, the low lights, and the painless treatments, I always left feeling so much better than when I came in.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done.

— M.M.