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When I started at TigerLily, I had never tried alternative medicine before. I was experiencing migraines 3-4 per week even while under the care of a neurologist, and the pain relief medication (Imitrex) started becoming ineffective. Now (5 weeks later) my headaches are less than once a week, and not only am I in pain less often, I feel healthier, stronger, more patient, and have more energy than ever before. Doug is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and relaxed. Scheduling an appointment is super easy, and always on time. They are even filing with my insurance so I am only paying a co-pay! I highly recommend this practice for migraine relief.

— E.H.

Douglas has been treating my nine year-old daughter since 2007. My daughter has epilepsy and needs to take anti-seizure medication to control her seizures. This type of medication comes with very undesirable side-effects. There is loss of hair, feeling like she’s in a fog, cannot remain focused in school, anxiety, and creates ADHD symptoms. Douglas has her on a treatment of herbs and electro acupuncture. Her hair loss stopped almost immediately after being put on his prescribed regimen and now has her shiny beautiful thick hair back.

She has longer periods of being able to remain focused during school which helps tremendously with her learning. Her anxiety is mostly gone but during periods when she does experience it, we have herbs that we are able to give to her to calm her, and her ADHD symptoms are much less than they ever were. She also is my one child who is incredibly healthy. Fever is a seizure trigger for her so we try to make sure we keep her as healthy as possible but as we all know, that’s hard to do. I have to say she rarely gets sick anymore. These past two years she’s been sick at the very most, two or three times. When most of her class is out because of flu and stomach bugs, etc. she’s the one child that’s always there because she never gets sick. Even when her brothers are sick she stays healthy. We now give our two boys supplements to keep them healthy as well. Our family life has improved because of the ability to keep the focus and behavioral issues under control. We can’t say enough about the expertise Douglas has shown in helping our daughter.

We are very grateful to him and will be lifelong patients.

— P.C.

Doug gave me my life back!!! I have suffered from migraines for years and I had tried every treatment and medication that I could possibly try and NOTHING had worked for me. That was until someone told me about Doug and acupuncture. I tried it out more than a year ago, and I began to feel relief. It had worked so great that I weaned myself off of every medication I was on and was headache free for once. I know acupuncture works because I began having migraines again early this year. Unfortunately it had been about 8 months since I had my last treatment with Doug. I started back with treatment and I am once again migraine free. I am living proof that there is hope for all the migraine sufferers out there. Not only am I a strong believer in acupuncture, but I am a strong believer in Doug. He cares so much about his patients and their well being. Not only does he provide treatment but also information on how he is treating you, why he is doing the treatment, and why the problem is occurring. I am forever grateful for Doug for giving me my life back!

— J.G.

Doug gave me something that no one else had been able to….Hope. The hope that my body would not fail me and that I would once again be able to bear a healthy child. I have a wonderful five year old son whom is the center of my husband and I’s life. But since him, we had not been able to carry a second child. We had one pregnancy that ended at six weeks and we lost our precious child.

Every medical doctor that I went to told me that I was normal, healthy and capable of conceiving and carrying a child. Clearly there was something that they could not or would not address.

As a “last ditch effort,” I began seeing Doug in early March. Within weeks, I noticed a change in my body, my husband noticed a change as well that I could only describe as “Hopefulness”. To my complete surprise, in late April,

I discovered that I was pregnant!

I am not almost three months. I have gone to have an ultrasound to put my mind & soul at ease. Out Baby is growing normally, and has a strong, fast heartbeat.

If we learn to trust our bodies and believe more in treating the underlying problems rather that the symptoms, medicine, our lives, and the existence that we know would transform before our eyes.


— W.B.

Going to visit tigerlily for my shoulder/neck pain was probably the best decision I have ever made, as far as treatment is concerned. I was in pain for over a year, seeing different shoulder specialists, pain doctors and orthopedists only to find myself spending more and more money for doctor visits, and getting prescriptions for meds that do not work.I went to go see Doug at tigerlily and all I can say is that after the very first treatment, 90% of my pain was gone!! Doug was, not only very professional but the friendliest person ever… unlike most doctor’s visits I have been to, where they rush you out with a prescription slip, he really took time listening to what my problems were and did an excellent job in treating me.I can go on and on about this, but I’ll cut it short and simply say


— F.T.

I injured my upper arm/shoulder area one evening while shaking a bottle of liquid a bit too vigorously. The next morning, the simple act of leaning forward caused extreme waves of pain and even nausea. I called Doug, explained my predicament, and he was able to see me that afternoon. I figured some of the pain would subside, but that I would have to see an orthopedist shortly afterwards. However, Doug eliminated 95% of my pain by the end of my visit. I always knew that acupuncture was powerful, but I never expected such immediate results.I also am treated for an immune disorder and have noticed some sizeable improvements. Doug is incredibly patient and kind, and is a wonderful listener. He truly cares about his clients and works hard to establish a trusting relationship. I am lucky to have found Tigerlily Acupuncture. Doug is proof that acupuncture really works.

— Happy Patient

I am so grateful for meeting Doug and being introduced into the world of Eastern medicine and acupuncture through his eyes. I have suffered from chronic headaches and sever PMS for more years than I can count and was open to an alternative to over the counter and prescription medications. Doug sat and listened to all of my symptoms and designed a plan specifically for me. It worked and continues to work! I have seen a marked decrease in the frequency and intensity of my headaches and the severe PMS has all but disappeared. I am devoted to an ongoing treatment and maintenance plan and look forward to continued success. I have learned so much about being mindful of my body and its functions and now take Chinese herbs exclusively. I consider Doug a friend and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a holistic treatment plan with staggering results.

— N.M.

I came to Doug with severe Anxiety and Panic attacks of an acute nature. After the first session, I was relaxed enough the next day to not have panic attacks, just moderate anxiety. After the 5th session, my anxiety and panic were totally 100% gone. Doug uses a combination of herbs, acupuncture, and diet/lifestyle changes. It really works. There are no fast fixes in life, but this was pretty fast (a few weeks) compared to western medicine prescribing benzodiazepines or SSRI drugs which will become lifelong addictions. I refused to take these from my doctor, and so my search for alternative treatments started. What better alternative than traditional Chinese medicine, parts of which are thousands of years old. I was definitely skittish about taking the herbs, but then realized that we eat herbs all the time, and some western drugs are actually derived from herbs. Every time I leave Doug I feel relaxed. He is treating me for dizziness related to allergies, and my ears now. Doug also has a great bedside manner and generally a very positive person. I highly recommend this service for what ails you!

— John

For the past 5 years I have been on antidepressants as an attempt to keep my sanity and to stay somewhat functional after loosing my mother, ending an abusive relationship, supporting my sister through pancreatic cancer and then my brother through open heart surgery. In addition, to make matters worse, I had bunion surgery that left me in constant pain and unable to run. Being determined to heal, I sought the professional support of orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists,physical therapists, mental therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, healers,holistic health professionals, herbalists and medical doctors. Unfortunately,each attempt ended with little to no results. Feelings of hopelessness were taking over my world fast!

I decided to take one more chance and give Doug a try. Today, I’m ecstatic to report that I am off anti-depressants (a miracle in itself) and have hope, once again, that I may use my foot as I did in the past. Doug’s consistent demonstration of exceptional care and his passion for healing is evident in his practice. He goes above and beyond the norm as he sets an intention that leaves no room for failure. It’s as if he is committed to my healing as much as I am!

As I often say, the end result of any effort always speaks for itself. So don’t take my word for it, just make an appointment and see for yourself.

Thanks Doug for being such a wonderful blessing!

— Marcie

I went to see Doug 5 years ago to try and see if acupuncture could help my chronic allergies. Having no experience with acupuncture, nor any real understanding of how it works, I was skeptical.

What I found out, through Doug’s treatment, guidance and patience, is that acupuncture, along with certain herbs and dietary changes can have a tremendously positive impact on my life. My allergy symptoms are vastly reduced and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.

Tigerlily helped me to understand my health from a holistic perspective. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, I highly recommend giving Doug and Vanessa a call.

— Matt Fangman