About Us

Compassionate Care… Real Results

At Tigerlily Wellness and Acupuncture in Austin, our licensed professionals provide compassionate healthcare and wellness education that inspires our patients to better understand their health and wellbeing while effectively balancing their mind and body. Our goal is to help as many people in our community as possible by offering safe and natural therapies like acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, and whole food clinical nutrition plans that guide them to correct the root causes of their health concerns while, at the same time, relieving the symptoms that are leaving them feeling less that great.

Our Clinicians


Douglas Rutkowski LAc., MSOM, ACN

Douglas graduated from Academy of Oriental Medicine of Austin, earning a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine in 2002. Douglas has passionately enjoyed the study of Chinese medicine for 17 years and Clinical Nutrition for 13 years. Through Douglas’s tenacious pursuit of enhancing clinical results, he has earned the Applied Clinical Nutrition certification. He also has taken courses in both Autonomic Response testing and System Strength Analysis and implements both to assess each person at a deeper level. This allows him to truly create a personalized nutritional supplement program for each patient. Douglas knows you have many choices when it comes to your healthcare team and he sincerely looks forward to being a part in yours.

Vanessa Rutkowski LAc. MSOM, ACN

Vanessa’s undergraduate work was in the field of biochemistry. She then attended Acupuncture school and graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine Austin with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine in 2002. Her passionate study of Chinese medicine has continued for over 17 years. Vanessa has also continued her education and is now an Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN). She is able to use two muscle testing techniques, System Strength Analysis and Autonomic Response Testing to find deeper body imbalances. She is also proficient in Neuro-Emotional Technique. Vanessa knows that health is not a destination, it is a journey and she looks forward to the opportunity of helping you take back control of your health.